Virtute Parta

Virtute Parta

Saturday, 19 February 2011


 On 3 Dec 1541 Sir Thomas Wharton the English Warden of the West March reported to the Privy Council the

Slaughters and cruell murdures commytted and doyn within the Kinges highnes West Marches of England by Scotish men at sundry tymes sithens the begynnyng of the peace,agaynst the trewes as foloweth .

Andro Forster, John Forster, John Gray ,Alan Forster, Jok Haliday, Andro Armstrang Scotishmen comme to Dermaynstedes in Ingland,and there cruelly slewe and murdered Richy Blaikburn Inglishman.’

The same band of individuals appear again for similar cross border forays.

Alane Forster, Gerge Forster, John Haliday, Willy Forster, John Gray and there complices, Scotishmen, to the nombre of XL men, comme to a place in Gilleslond called Kyng and there cruelly slewe and murdered John Crawe, Thomes Crawe and Thomas Crawe younger. (Bain,J. 1890 The Border Papers)

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