Virtute Parta

Virtute Parta

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Halliday Hill

There are two Halliday Hills located in Dumfriesshire: one in Annandale and one in Nithsdale.This photo is the one in Annandale taken on the farm road adjacent to the minor road between Dalton and Dumfries. There is no documented evidence that Hallidays gathered here before going on a raid.

The hill has a commanding panoramic view over Annandale to the Solway Firth and the Border. In the R.C.Reid collection a John Carruthers,Laird of Mousewald obtained a charter from John Halliday of Hoddom on 31 May 1439.This John Carruthers was later Captain of Lochmaben Castle in 1446.Reid was inclined to believe that possibly the name Hallidayhill until recently part of Hoddom estate,is derived from this family- the Hallidays of Hoddom.George Black in his 'Surnames of Scotland' held the same view.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Arms of Robert Douglas Halliday of Coldbrook,Island of St Croix

Arms of Robert Douglas Halliday Esquire of Coldbrook in the Island of St Croix: Argent a Sword erected in Pale proper hilted and pommelled Or the last within a crescent in base Gules in a dexter Canton Azure a Saltyr of the Field.

Crest:   A Boars head couped Argent armed Or
Motto:  Virtute Parta
28 March 1775

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Early Map of Corehead :1590

This is a map of the opposite borders of Scotland and England. It is from an atlas that belonged to William Cecil Lord Burghley, Elizabeth I’s Secretary of State. Burghley used this atlas to illustrate domestic matters. This map is interesting because it shows the debatable lands, these were lands between the borders of Scotland and England, claimed by neither and subsequently a lawless no-man’s land. Lord Burghley has annotated the map, adding place names at points along the river which forms part of the border, and the river immediately to the right of this which lies on English soil. The title, "A Platt of the opposete Borders of Scotland to ye west marches of England" appears on the reverse with the date: "Dec. 1590". The original is held in the British Library,London.

 Corehead Tower which was probably built about 1570 was owned by the family of Johnstone of Corehead.The tower was probably on the site of earlier fortifications and perhaps the location for William Wallace meeting his nephew Tom Halliday. The tower on the map is the very top one on the left handside.It is possible to zoom in on the British Library site.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Halliday Heraldry

This is the earliest representation of the Halliday arms recorded in Scotland. They are depicted in a document held in the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh and originally were in a manuscript known as Workman's MS. This is believed to have been compiled c. 1565.

It shows the saltire of Scotland or St Andrew's Cross,the crescent and sword. Variations of this theme were matriculated by Hallidays in the following centuries.Unfortunately no name is given to who owned these arms.